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Taxation: A foreign business operating in Vietnam can face the following common taxes: Corporate Income Tax (CIT), Value Added Tax (VAT), Foreign Contractor Tax (FCT), Personal Income Tax (PIT), and some other taxes. FCT is highly relevant to foreign businesses deriving income in Vietnam without permanent establishment (PE). Read more

Vietnam tax treaties on Double Taxation Avoidance: In an endeavor to avoid the double taxation of international income and therefore promote foreign direct investment (FDI), Vietnam tax treaties on Double Taxation Avoidance (DTAs) have been concluded with about 65 countries to date, including most major countries. Latest DTA pacts Vietnam concluded are with Estonia, United States, and Kazakhstan. Domestically, Vietnam has also enacted several regulations guiding the implementation and interpretation of these tax treaties. Most recent and still prevailing regulation is the Circular 205/2013, issued on 24 December 2013 and taking effect from 6 February 2014, replacing Circular 133/2004 Read more

Business motto

"We are always with our employees and customers to grow together!"

Our business motto is to “Focus on forming a high performance team and from such foundation, we are able to deliver more valuable services and increase customer satisfaction.”

Development of our own business is absolutely not our only concern. Our first priority is to take a great care on our core team improvement and form a solid foundation to increase customer satisfaction with our professional services.

As trust is built and we get even more support from customer, our team will be improving. As a result, more trust and reputation is built.

We have been strictly following and developing our creed since established, and now we have more than 100 customers using our services.

With the love of our country, nothing could change our enthusiasm and determination to grow together with our team and beloved customers.

Our Global Capability

Now, ART is an independent partner of DCPA, DCPA place a strategic focus on small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as a key client segment – which requires quality services at reasonable fees. To address such needs, DCPA are committed to providing international quality service with well-trained local expertise at competitive fees.

DCPA is the Vietnamese member firm of GGI (Geneva Group International), one of the leading global alliances of independent accounting, consulting and law firms with member firms in +115 countries/territories, +650 offices, and +22,000 professionals worldwide. GGI was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. More about GGI: